4 10, 2019


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Moving Tips: Utilities Make sure that you have lights, heat, water, and Wi-Fi when you arrive at your new home. And so will the new residence of you old place, that why it's important to make arrangements to disconnect you old utilities and start your new services.

4 10, 2019

Address Change

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Moving Tips: Address Change Check out USPS.com's options for changing your address online. You can set the date of you move so you don't miss any of you mail. They also have deals with exclusive mover's coupons.

4 10, 2019

Perishable Items

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Moving Tips: Perishable Items Perishable Items are Foods are those likely to spoil, decay may become unsafe to consume on a long distance move.  Meats, poultry, fish, dairy products,  frozen food, household cleaners, paint. Consider eating out or purchasing just enough to last until moving day.

4 10, 2019

Make a decision on what you want to bring, and what you dont.

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Moving tips: What to bring and not to bring The longer you have lived at your current residence, It's safe to assume that you have accumulated things that you no longer want.  Maybe sell some of these things so you have a little extra cash to make your new place feel like home.