Need Moving Help?

There are other situations where our labor only services are helpful. For example if you are moving to another apartment in the same building, or even to a house next door or across the street. Or maybe you have some bulky or heavy items that you want to move out to your garage, attic or basement to make some room. Even something as simple as rearranging furniture in you home or office, we can help. We can even assemble and disassemble furniture and have the tools do it.

If you are renting a moving truck or container and need experienced movers to help load it? Don’t know who to trust in your destination city to help you unload it? 1st Step Movers LABOR ONLY moving services are an option that you can trust.

Our movers know how to pack. They have the experience to know how to take every cubic centimeter into consideration packing a truck or container to best utilize what is available. In the end SAVING you extra trips, TIME and MONEY.

As little or as much moving help as you need. It's your call.

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