Westmoreland and Cambria Counties Among 8 counties added to Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine

Ahead of the spring hatch, Westmoreland and Cambria counties are among 8 new total counties in Pennsylvania that have been added to the quarantine zone for the spotted lanternfly.

Cambria, Cameron, Franklin, Lackawanna, Montour, Pike, Wayne, and Westmoreland are new to the quarantine for 2021.This puts the total number of counties across Pennsylvania at 34 out of 67. For detailed information, see the alert from the PA Department of agriculture.

The 8 new counties are not entirely infested, but there are municipalities in each of these counties that are infested enough to justify being added to the quarantine. These municipalities are detailed in the map below:

2021 Spotted Lanternfly Quarantine Zone


If you see a spotted lanternfly, immediately report it online or by calling 1-888-4BADFLY. Especially if you are not inside the quarantine zone.

What to do I do if I’m moving from a quarantined area?

The quarantine order regulates movement of items that may harbor the spotted lantern fly such as any firewood; crates and pallets, tractors, mowers, mobile homes, RVs, grills, outdoor furniture, tile, and stone.

If you’re moving from an area within the spotted lanternfly quarantine, you should take precautions to avoid spreading them to other areas of the United States.

The Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture has created a checklist for residents to use before moving.

This checklist suggest checking vehicles and outdoor items for egg masses, adults and nymph. If any are found, follow the instructions above for removing and disposing of them.

See the checklist here:

Moving with 1st Step Movers

As a moving company, we encourage our customers to follow the recommended practices for stopping the spread of the spotted lanternfly.

If you are moving to of from any of the counties listed, we will run through the checklist with you on the day of your move.

If you have any questions about the insect or how to check your belongings before a move just ask and we will be happy to offer guidance.