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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)2021-01-04T21:38:59-05:00

Frequently Asked Questions

Is your pricing garuanteed?2020-12-28T18:17:39-05:00
What is the difference between a Mover and a Moving Broker?2020-08-03T11:07:54-05:00

Moving Brokers are sales teams that are typically ran out of call centers. They sell you move as a “lead” to movers who do that perform the actual transportation of your belongings. They also are required to be registered withe FMCSA as a Moving Broker. To find out if you are dealing with a broker you can search the Mover Database. You may also want to check out this Fact Sheet provided by the FMCSA that further details the differences between Movers and Brokers. At 1st Step Movers we do our own marketing and lead generation  in order to provide our customers with the lowest possible prices.

Are You a Moving Broker?2020-07-04T06:52:23-05:00

No. We own trucks and our staff will be the one responsible or moving your belongings. We are registered with the FMCSA as Interstate Movers and have a DOT Number.

I have my own transportation but need help loading or packing?2020-08-03T11:12:44-05:00

We offer Packing services and labor only services. We can provide boxes, moving blankets, and anything else you might need for your move. Our movers are trained to pack safely and efficiently. If you were to think of it like a game of Tetris, 1st Step Movers would clear 40 lines under 1 minute.

For more information of either of our Packing/Unpacking or Labor Only Services, follow the links below:

Packing & Unpacking Information
Labor Only Information
What is your PUC#?2020-10-19T21:47:11-05:00

Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission: PUC# A-8922773

US Department of Transportation: DOT# 3385360

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration: MC# 1087164


What are your payment terms?2020-08-03T11:10:15-05:00

1st Step Movers accepts all major debit and credit cards, cash , check, or money orders

Are your quotes no obligation?2020-03-20T16:03:43-05:00

Your online quote from is only an Estimate. It’s a great resource if you’re planning in ahead and want to budget for your move as it will give you an ideas to what you can expect to pay when moving. he actual cost of your move is determined by the weight of your possessions that are being moved, the distance, additional services(e.g., packing, unpacking, storage). If you choose to 1st Step Movers our next step would be an in-home estimates so that we can calculate a more accurate cost for your relocation. You can request a no obligation quote by using the link below and filling out our online form

Quote Request Form
Are you fully insured?2021-07-31T11:52:44-05:00

Fully Insured

Household goods movers operating within Pennsylvania are required to be licensed by the Public Utility Commission and must maintain adequate levels of insurance coverage and charge fees approved by the PUC. We are Licensed by the PUC as a Household Goods Operator: Above that the FMCSA requires Motor Carriers of Household Goods to file proof of both public liability (BI & PD) and cargo insurance with FMCSA in order to obtain interstate Operating Authority. Our current license numbers are below and can be verified using the button below that.

A-8922773 3383560 1087164-C
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