Piano Moving

Moving is already a challenge, but throw in a piano and moving becomes that much harder. Piano moving in Southwestern PA presents a unique set of challenges, but, with the right professional movers, moving can be done in a breeze.

Pianos are large yet fragile.  In order to transport the instrument safely one must take into consideration the weight distribution.  Beyond the technical aspects of moving the piano itself, there’s the fact that many houses and buildings in the Tri-State are that feature tight staircases and narrow corridors.

That’s why it’s important to trust your piano with professional movers who know the best way to approach the situation.  it’s not just  piece of furniture. The professionals at 1st Step Movers and Storage are experienced in the with piano moving and know how to ensure that your precious instrument remains undamaged and protected during the move. Whether its a local move or long distance,  you can count on our team to get the job done quickly and safely.

If you have an upright, spinet, baby grand, or player piano, the experts at 1st Step Movers approach each piano with wrapping and padding  before the move,  taking its age and construction into account. We understand that many pianos are family heirlooms/antiques with personal value, and we treat them so.

As professional movers, we treat all of your items, from your piano to your dressers as our own.  The success of our company requires 100% customer satisfaction, which means that it’s our mission to ensure that all of your items reach their destination on time and in the same condition as they were when they left.

If you’re looking for local movers, long distance movers in Southwestern PA, or  Morgantown/Wheeling West Virginia contact a professional moving consultant at 1st Step Movers today. Serving all of your piano moving needs.



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