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Our professional team of movers you can trust with any sized relocation. Looking for a cost-effective relocation package or storage solution option? Our local moving crews offer ideal support when you need a local moving company that won’t break the bank.

We can provide a move to anywhere you may be relocating. Call our local movers today for a truly seamless experience If your transition is within 100 miles, we will handle every aspect of your move. Every step of the way we will help with your relocation.

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If additional services are needed, we will work with you to choose the options that work for your needs. We offer a wide range of services that makes moving easy. Request a quote to learn more.

Local vs Long Distance Moves

Whats the difference?
If you are planning to move it is good to understand the difference between the two. Most consumers that utilize professional moving services will hire them for local movers. These types of moves a re usually from city to city. More than fifty miles or cross state lines are long distance moves. These types of moves require different permits and licenses to own and operate within.1st Step Movers is full insured and licensed for both types. Below is a side by side comparison of the two to help illustrate some key points that you will have to consider if a local or long distance move is in your future.

In Pennsylvania a move that is a distance of 40 miles or less within the state, is classified as a local move. Rates for local moving companies are regulated by the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission. Local Moving Companies are required to use a tariff. Rates are calculated as an hourly charge. On Weekends and certain holidays there is an overtime rate. The cost per hour is determined by the number of movers needed to complete your move. If you would like a free estimate just fill out the form below or call us at +1 (724)-986-9287.


  • Local moving companies services will usually be priced per hour or by crew size. The size of the team you need is decided based on how much stuff or how many rooms you have to move.

  • 40 miles or less in the same state.

  • Every state has their own different rules, regulation and requirements for local residential moving companies. For example movers operating within Pennsylvania are required to be licensed by the Public Utility Commission and must maintain adequate levels of insurance coverage and charge fees approved by the PUC.

  • Have the option of making multiple trips.

Long Distance

  • The cost is based on a combination of weight and distance and an inventory is prepared

  • More than 40 miles or to another state.

  • All interstate moves and moving companies are governed by the rules and regulations of Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration or FMCSA. Every long distance move must be done by full service long distance moving companies that are assigned with a USDOT number, FMCSA registered and has proper insurance coverage.

  • You and the moving company you hire must meet all of the legal requirements in every state you travel through. The company may have to apply for special permits, or you may have to provide a detailed inventory list for insurance purposes.

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