Gun Safe Moving

Moving your guns and gun safe can feel as heavy of a burden as the safe itself. There are absolutely a few precautions and considerations. Safety First! If you handle it properly, moving your guns and safe doesn’t have to be a calamity..

The next very important aspect of this type of move is to get to know the Laws regulating the transportation of firearms, whether they be state, local, or federal.. Know your local area’s laws? Good! This guide will help you figure out how to safely move your gun safe and firearm. Check out this guide to the transportation of firearms for more legal info. Guide To The Interstate Transportation Of Firearms

Also consider this, movers can legally transport firearms in their trucks, but not ammo. Some moving companies choose not to transport firearms despite this, however 1st Stop Movers will move anything we can legally.

Moving guns in the safe make the safe heavier, and safe cannot provide the same protection that putting them into a hard-shelled, padded gun cases can. If you dint have any of these cases, use bubble wrap or foam.

Always double and triple check that you guns are not loaded. Safety First!

When we take the inventory for your move we write down the make, model, and serial number for each of your guns. You should consider doing the same and keeoping this document seperate from the guns , a safe location in case anything unexpected hjappens.. Since we can’t carry ammo, You will have to find transportation for that own your own, or move it yourself.

This is all a complicated process, but 1st Step Movers can make it easy for you.. We know the lsatey measures and legalities of these types of moves because we do them often. Safes can weigh over a thousand pounds. We are experts at moving heavy things.

Typically it is recommend that about six to eight healthy, strong individuals help moving a typical gun safe. As professional movers we have the resources and equipment to simplify this process. It’s hard enough to find 2 or 3 friends to help you move, especially during a pandemic. Double that and it can be daunting,

When you schedule you gun safe move with 1st Step Movers, you can count on us to show up and get the job done.

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