In Home Furniture Rearranging Or Furniture Relocation

If you have furniture you need rearranged or moved, our services can provide you with time to relax. We transform your space into one that lifts you mood while instills a sense of harmony and effectiveness.

If you have been planning to rearrange furniture, but simply don’t have the time, or are overwhelmed because of the size or weight of some of your furnishings consider 1st Step Movers to help you get the task done.

As a fully licensed and insured business, along with professionally trained and experienced furniture movers know how to reposition oversized or heavy furnishings without damaging your house or possessions in the process.

Pittsburgh Furniture Movers

Furniture Moving Safety

Rearranging funiture can be more dangerous tan you think. It can be physically exhausting with heavy lifting. Even a minor mistake can lead to a serious injury.

We use a variety of tools to protect both our movers and your belongings
We have of dollys for different sizes and shapes of furniture Hand Straps
Full back braces and shoulder moving straps allow us to focus more on protecting your belonging and less on the physical strain
Furniture Sliders or Felts
to protect hardwood floors or tile
Blanket wraps
in order to fully protect them during the entire moving process.
These tools allow us to be prepared any complications that can arise.
We have expertise in relocating or rearranging a diverse assortment of furnishings:
  • Bedroom sets

  • Sofas and recliners

  • Entertainment centers

  • Dining room sets

  • Bookcases

  • Computer chairs

  • China cabinets

  • Pool tables

  • File cabinets

  • Cubicles

Moving a Couch Down a 3 Story Stairwell

Disassembly & Reassembly

Disassembling furniture can be an agonizing, but sometimes it unavoidable. with Southwestern Pennsylvanias’ older houses often having narrow doorways, slim hallways, and constricting stairwells, it’s easy to realize that they were not designed for modern furniture.

Being a local company, we deal with these types of situation on a regular basis and know from experience how to handle them with the best approach. Our movers have learned how to disassemble and reassemble all kinds of furniture. We also do IKEA disassembly and reassembly, but keep in mind that pressboard / flatpack furniture is not meant to be moved and cannot be moved without risk of damage.

We also come prepared with all the tools required to get the job done.

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