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It’s a great resource if you’re planning in ahead and want to budget for your move as it will give you an ideas to what you can expect to pay when moving.

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    What Happens Next?


    Keep in mind that your estimate is just an estimate.

    The actual cost of your move is determined by the weight of your possessions that are being moved, the distance, additional services(e.g., packing, unpacking, storage). If you choose to 1st Step Movers our next step would be an in-home estimates so that we can calculate a more accurate cost for your relocation. An in-home estimate gives you the chance to speak directly with one of our experts in your home. You can show us what you will be moving, and discuss the needs of your move in-depth with an experienced 1st Step Movers representative. While at your home, a 1st Step Movers representative will also be able to discuss any Packing, Unpacking, and Storage options. After your in-home estimate is complete, we will be able to create a moving plan to fit your moving or storage needs.